Sarah’s Infinite Writing Playlist (Part One)

Music is what drives the story in a movie. It can intensify a really epic battle scene or bring tears to your eyes during WAHOO! (1)an emotional farewell. Music can also inspire the writers while they’re writing these scenes. I always write with music in the background. I have a special playlist on my iPod for songs that match the mood I want to set while I’m writing. Here are a few of them (well, more than a few). 

If you’re writing a dramatic, epic fantasy with lots of battle scenes and fearless heroes, try these songs: 

1.   Nara by E.S. Posthumus

2.   To Glory by Two Steps From Hell

3.   Heart of Courage by Two Steps From Hell

4.   Protectors of the Earth by Two Steps From Hell (basically anything by Two Steps From Hell)

5.   Age of Dragons by Audiomachine (you may recognize this one from the The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug trailer)

6.   Last of the Wilds by Nightwish

7.   Song of the Lonely Mountain performed by Neil Finn

8.   300 Violin Orchestra by Jorge Quintero

9.   Oh, Death by Jen Titus

10. Coming Home Part II by Skylar Grey 

11. Septimus from the Stardust soundtrack

12. Kashmir by Escala

13. Enterprising Young Men by Michael Giacchino 

14. I’ll Make A Man Out Of You from the Mulan Soundtrack (I couldn’t resist this one)

Tip: Find movies that are in the genre that you’re writing. Pay close attention to the way that the music complements the mood of the scene.

Good luck!

Happy writing 


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