Writing Prompt: Old Enemies

Photo credit: 9gag.com

We all have at least one person who we’ve cut out of our lives permanently. For whatever reason, any contact with this person is sure to end in disaster. This is perfect to start the fire in a scene.

In all honesty, this post is purely motivated by my extreme love of this hilarious baby picture. I just had to share it.

Here we go.

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Writing Prompt: 3 + 3 Knockout Combo for an Awesome Scene

Although I loved how writing a series allowed me to stay in the world I created with the characters I love, sometimes I needed a break from it. Once in a while, I still pull out writing prompts to scribble about for an hour or two. In fact, my Writing Prompts on Working Title, a writing blog by Sarah Hayden 2favorite posts that I’ve written have been about writing prompts.

I love them because you never know where your imagination is going to take you, and everyone has different results. They’re especially helpful for writers who are just starting out and need some direction.

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Questioning Your Character – Going Beyond the Basic

EVERYTHINGI’ve started a new novel, and it’s weird working with a new set of characters. I’m so attached to the ones that I’ve given life to, nurtured, and tortured for the past three years.

Lately, I’ve been trying to get to know my new characters. There are so many questions that need to be asked. There’s the awkward stage, where I don’t really understand them and I’m constantly prodding them, and there’s the breakthrough stage, where they are finally speaking to me and revealing who they are and what part they will play.

In real life, it can take years to truly get to know someone. Fortunately, as writers, we don’t need to take that long if we come armed with the right questions. There is the basic profile about appearance, goals, childhood, etc., but I’ve come up with a list of questions that might help you dig a little deeper with your characters.

Good luck!

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