Writing Prompt: 3 + 3 Knockout Combo for an Awesome Scene

Although I loved how writing a series allowed me to stay in the world I created with the characters I love, sometimes I needed a break from it. Once in a while, I still pull out writing prompts to scribble about for an hour or two. In fact, my Writing Prompts on Working Title, a writing blog by Sarah Hayden 2favorite posts that I’ve written have been about writing prompts.

I love them because you never know where your imagination is going to take you, and everyone has different results. They’re especially helpful for writers who are just starting out and need some direction.

I’ve been experimenting with different methods for creating writing prompts, and I really like the one I’ve been using. I think this is a style that I’d like to continue with for my writing prompts in the future, so let me know if you find it useful!

Here we go.

Write a scene (or short story if you want to take it further) that includes the following three characters and three objects:

  • 75-year-old widow
  • Military brat
  • Flight attendant
  • Empty trumpet case
  • Barbie doll
  • Prescription bottle

Play around with the characters. These are bare-bones descriptions so you have the freedom to take the story wherever you want. The people could be main characters, stock characters, or simply mentioned in dialogue, but they must be included somehow. It’s okay to cheat! Make one character have two of the descriptions. Like the characters, each object must be included.

Happy writing

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