7 Websites Every Geek Should Know About: Fangirl Edition

7When I’m not hunched over my laptop troubleshooting scenes, spending half an hour trying to find the perfect verb, or putting my characters through hell, I’m geeking out over something on the internet. 

I’m a proud Whovian, Trekkie, Potterhead, etc. I love it all. As a geek, I spend a lot of time scouring the internet for new websites to get my geeky fix. I get my inspiration from my favorite shows and books, and I enthusiastically show my love for them. It’s where it all began. Here are some of my favorite geeky websites.

The Mary Sue

From Doctor Who to The Walking Dead , The Mary Sue has everything to satisfy your nerd girl/boy heart’s desires.


Join the Nerdfighteria! John and Hank Green lead the fight against world suck. You can find them on Vlogbrothers and on Nerdfighters.

Star Trek website (if you don’t have Netflix) 

634 full episodes. Kirk, Picard, Janeway. Whoever your captain is, they’re here.


Trekkie and Jedi merch, soul crushing gifs from Supernatural, and adorable pictures of Martin Freeman the Hedgehog. The geek section on Pinterest has it all. Pinterest-Geek

Felicia Day’s Blog

Felicia Day is everything you should aspire to be. You may know her from Supernatural or The Guild.


Fanfiction is the bomb diggity. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you if you’ve read Alone On the Water 6,239,107 times.


And of course, fangirls’ hearts flutter at the word, TUMBLR.

credit: giphy.com
              photo credit: giphy.com

Bonus: I’m just gonna leave this right here for ya… Must Watch Video For Sherlockians. Click it now. NOW.

Hopefully you’ll find something you like on one of these sites!

Live long and prosper.

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