Questioning Your Character – Getting Up Close and Personal

q characterI’m updating my character interview questions! I’ve added more, and some of them go pretty deep. I hope these help you get closer to your characters. Good luck!

Does this person swear?

What did she want to be when she grew up?

Has this person every considered joining a convent/monastery?

Where does this person want to be buried?

How does this person think they are going to die?

Has this person ever been in an interracial relationship?

When did she stop dressing up for Halloween? Or stop trick-or-treating?

Has she ever written a letter to her future self?

Does she talk more about what she doesn’t like or about what she does?

Does this person talk badly or favorably of books that she hasn’t read? What about movies?

Is this person likely to believe gossip?

Has she ever experienced malicious racism?

(Excuse the language) Does this person use derogatory language such as gay, retarded, nigger, or pussy?

What does this person think of online dating?

What does this person think of Romeo and Juliet?

Has she ever danced with her father?

How would she react if someone started arguing with her?

Has this person ever broken up with someone?

What has been her worst nightmare?

Did this person think about the kind of parent she wanted to be when she grew up? If she has children now, is she the parent she wanted to be?

Has this person ever painted her nails black?

Does this person know someone with a mental disability?

Has this person ever lost a bet?

Happy writing!

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