Character Values – The One Question You Really Need to Answer

I stumbled upon this post by The Modern Mrs. Darcy from my inbox, and it got me thinking. Anne talked about an adorable Screenshot (46)_editedstory that inspired her to share the prompt, “You can tell a lot about a person by…” Read More »


Questioning Your Character – Getting Up Close and Personal

q characterI’m updating my character interview questions! I’ve added more, and some of them go pretty deep. I hope these help you get closer to your characters. Good luck!

Does this person swear?

What did she want to be when she grew up?

Has this person every considered joining a convent/monastery?

Where does this person want to be buried?

How does this person think they are going to die?

Has this person ever been in an interracial relationship?

When did she stop dressing up for Halloween? Or stop trick-or-treating?

Has she ever written a letter to her future self?

Does she talk more about what she doesn’t like or about what she does?

Does this person talk badly or favorably of books that she hasn’t read? What about movies?Read More »

Questioning Your Character – Going Beyond the Basic

EVERYTHINGI’ve started a new novel, and it’s weird working with a new set of characters. I’m so attached to the ones that I’ve given life to, nurtured, and tortured for the past three years.

Lately, I’ve been trying to get to know my new characters. There are so many questions that need to be asked. There’s the awkward stage, where I don’t really understand them and I’m constantly prodding them, and there’s the breakthrough stage, where they are finally speaking to me and revealing who they are and what part they will play.

In real life, it can take years to truly get to know someone. Fortunately, as writers, we don’t need to take that long if we come armed with the right questions. There is the basic profile about appearance, goals, childhood, etc., but I’ve come up with a list of questions that might help you dig a little deeper with your characters.

Good luck!

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