How to Plow Through That Never-Ending Book List: My Secret to Reading a Lot of Books

how to read a lot of booksWow, that’s quite a long title. However, this post is going to be pretty short. I’m going to reveal how I read a lot of books, at least double the amount that I used to read.

I read more than one at a time. 

I never used to do this. I always had one book to read, and I thought the idea of bouncing between books was absolutely insane and would be confusing. I had a score of bookmarks, but only one book to read at a time.

Then one summer, I realized that I was really slacking on my reading list. There are so many books that I want to read, so many that I know I will never get to (that is such a horrifying thought). I’ve always had a hard time focusing and I get bored very easily. I would get stuck on a book for months because I’d get tired of it, but I just couldn’t force myself to give up. So, I tried to figure out how to read faster.

I think this is something I learned to do in college, when I had to keep up with multiple textbooks plus whatever book I was reading for pleasure. I realized how many books I was reading and wondered if I could do this with my personal reading list. Currently, I’m reading four Read More »