Writing Prompt – ARMY t-shirt

Sometimes the reason our closets are overflowing is we have memories attached to our clothes. Whether it’s that free t-shirt you got from a marathon you ran ten years ago or the dress you wore on your first day of college, they seem to stick around long past their due date.sarahhaydenblog.wordpress.com

Your character is going through their wardrobe and pulls out an old grey ARMY t-shirt that’s used for PT training. The thing is, they’ve never been in the Army. Who does it belong to? Why do they have it? Why haven’t they gotten rid of it?


Happy writing!


Writing Prompt: The Soundtrack of Your Book

Writing Prompt- The Soundtrack of YourI’ve always thought that my life would be so much better if there was a soundtrack that would play in the background like in a movie. You know, like Nora Jones playing during a romantic scene or Fade Into You by Mazzy Star in a dramatic scene. In a previous post, I talked about how music can fuel your writing. To follow this theme, try out this writing prompt featuring one of my favorite songs.

Write a scene with the song “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone as the background music. What is happening in your scene? What are the characters doing? I immediately think of the transformation scene in the movie Last Holiday, starring the fabulous Queen Latifah.

Michael Bublé also has a version to swoon over, and I just read that Lauryn Hill also recorded a wonderful cover.

Then find other songs that would fit different scenes in your story. Play with different genres, and see what complements the mood.

Happy writing!

Writing Prompt: The Real Relationship Deal-breaker…Romeo and Juliet?

Copy of q characterI'm updating my characterYour main character and their partner are having a conversation about Romeo and Juliet.

Who initiates the conversation?

What are their opinions?

Do they think that it’s about real love or infatuation?

Do they disagree?

Does this cause friction?

Imagine one of the characters getting mad about something that the other said during this conversation. What makes him/her so upset?Read More »

Writing Prompt: Strange Traditions

20150428_194102For my freshman year of college, my roommate and I had a small, fake, Charlie Brown-esque Christmas tree that we had sitting on our windowsill. However, neither of us wanted to haul it home during breaks, so it stayed there the whole year and we would decorate it for seasons and holidays. For Valentine’s Day, it donned a red heart garland. For spring, we tucked fake flowers into the branches. It not only becameRead More »